Blue Louise Granite You Need to Know

Origin from Brazil, Blue Louise granite is one of the luxury stones. There are many colours on the surface, such as blue, yellow, brown, etc.

Blue is the main colour of this stone, but compared with Blue Bahia granite and Sodalite Blue Stone, its colour is lighter, can give people a feeling of freshness, like the Azul Macaubas quartzite.

However, it has more colours than Macaubas. Because the colourful veins are out of control, which makes it full of the nature of beauty, and the slabs look like Van Gogh’s painting, so this stone is also named Van Gogh (Blue) Stone.

This is mainly used for kitchen countertops, splashes and bathroom vanity tops. The kitchen or bathroom is stunning with this decoration.

Wall and Flooring Decoration

All of our slabs are book-match polished, so it is outstanding after the wall and floor installation, some clients install them by one full piece slab, and we just need to cut the four sides of the slab.

Thus, the wastage can be minimized, and save the cost. If you want to cut them to several pieces, it is ok.

Inventory Slabs in Aug. 21st, 2020

No.1 slabs, size 322x191x2cm;

No.2 slabs, size 274x160x2cm;

No.3 slabs, size 280x150x2cm;

No.4 slabs, size 295x143x2cm.

These slabs are stock in our warehouse, thicknesses are all not less than 2.0cm, different styles, if you like, welcome to contact us, we can show more details for you.

The new slabs will keep coming out. The customized thickness and surface finishing are welcome.

Beautiful Van Gogh Granite Countertops & Vanity Tops & Table Tops

This stone is very nice for kitchen countertops (benchtops, worktops), bathroom vanity tops and table tops application.

Sizes and edges polishing can be done at the customer’s request, polished and honed surface finishing are normal, for other surface finishing, please check with us.

We have a professional CAD drawing creation team, they can make the drawing for you to confirm before production.

blue louise granite countertops & table tops & vanity tops

Detail Specifications of Blue Louise Granite

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