Empire Beige Marble Slab for Home Decoration

Empire Beige Marble Slab is quarried from Turkey. Owns beige background with fine texture, with high luminosity and high density, which creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere with dim light. When decorated in high-end places such as hotels and private villas,  which is noble and gorgeous. We also call it “Ultraman Beige Marble”,  because of its rare hardness is as unyielding as “Ultraman”- resisting of several monsters at the same time.

As the professional manufacturer and exporter of natural stones for over 20 years, Fulei Stone is well known for its great-quality product and good customer service. We have our own factory and QC Team for inspecting and ensuring every product. We have established the cooperative business relationship with customers all over the world, including the MB International Bank Project in Malawi and the Library of Sharjah University Project in Dubai. About the empire beige marble slab, if have any interest please feel free to contact us.

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