Polished Jura Grey Limestone Slab

Polished Jura Grey Limestone Slab quarried from Germany. It is a very dense limestone, so good for exterior and interior decoration. The unique characteristic of Jura Grey Limestone is the existence of large shells and fossils. Another quality of this material is the quartz veins that can appearance throughout the material. Inventory slabs are 1.5cm and 1.8cm thickness. We can cut to size for you. Polished Jura Grey Limestone Slab is very nice for wall and floor decoration. For other thickness like 2cm, 3cm, they are also available, we can cut at your request.


Popular surface treatment is polished, but honed and leather face are also available. If you need this Jura Grey Limestone, please feel free to contact us.

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Honed (Matt) Jura Grey Limestone Tiles

Except for the polished surface, honed (matt) surface finishing is also popular, warm welcome in Australia and New Zealand, and it is widely used for bathrooms and pool surround, can be anti-slip. For the matt surface, the surface is flat, too, but not too shiny.

We have the CNC cutting machine, can cut to size for our customers. The popular sizes are 300x300mm (12”x12”), 300x600mm (12”x24”), 600x600mm (24”x24”), or other sizes at customer’s request.
After cutting, if need, we can lay the tiles on the floor, if the tiles have color variation, the same or similar color tiles will be put on the same area, and stick a label on the tiles, when the goods reach the project site, the workers can install them directly according to the drawings and labels.

Honed (Matt) Jura Grey Limestone Pool Coping and Staircase

Pool coping, the anti-slip function is also very important, the best surface processing is brushed (leather). For the brushed (leather) finishing, the surface will become rough, but also very comfortable for naked foot touching. Honed (matt) is also not a bad choice, because of its flat surface, its anti-skid function is not as good as leather finishing, but it is better to keep the beautiful appearance of this stone.

About the size of pool coping, normally it is conformable to the surrounding tiles, for example, if the surrounding tiles are 300x600mm, the pool coping size will be W x 600mm, the length should be the same, so it can look uniform.

For the edge polishing of pool coping, the laminated bullnose edge is popular, also known as double bullnose edge polishing, in the right side pictures, it is a total of 3cm thick double bullnose edge, the slabs are 18mm thick, so it is 18+12mm. If you like other kinds of edges polishing, show us your pictures, and we will do it at your requirement.

We can also produce the Jura grey limestone staircase at the customer’s request, including sizes and edges polishing, it is eased and honed edges in the pictures.

Polished Jura Grey Limestone Table Tops

If you need the tabletop with Jura Grey Limestone, we can produce it for you, too.

For the tabletop, polished and honed (matt) surface finishing is the first choice, the shapes and edges polishing is also open for you, show us your design, give us your quantity, and we will offer prices for you.

The Jura Grey limestone is good for dirty resistance, but the natural stone is porous, so waterproof processing is necessary.

Packing of Jura Grey limestone tiles

The stone material is fragile, so the packing is very important. Inside we use 3mm thick foam paper to isolate the stone from the outside package, it can reduce the pressure the stone material bear effectively. Between the wooden crate and the foam paper, at least five sides of plywood panels are used to strengthen the crates, thus, on the way, the package won’t be out of shape.

Detail Specifications of Polished Jura Grey Limestone

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