Today we are glad to show you the installation of nature stone floor tiles, including marble floor tiles, granite floor tiles or travertine tiles etc.

The Marble Tile Installation Case

Semi-dry Wet Fixing

1. After preparation of substrate and setting out, select standard sized stone tiles with consistent color and vein variation. As for cut-to-size panels, installation should be according to the numbering system of cutting order or drawings.

2. Shower the floor with water by applying a layer of the cement slurry to the floor.

3. The semi-dry mortar bed mixing shall consist of 1 portion of cement and 3 portions of sand on a volume basis.

4. Lay the semi-dry mortar bed according to setting out lines and trowel to the required level. Pre-lay the stone floor tiles and hammer them to the trial fixing position.

5. Remove the pre-laid tiles and apply a thin layer of setting cement mortar onto the existing semi-dry mortar bedding. Re-install the floor tiles and pressed with hammer handle to the final fixing position.

6. Clean all dirt on stone surface and edges with soft cloth or brush after installation.

7. Pointing and color grouting all joints of stone floor tiles