The marble window sills are the position at the bottom of the indoor window. Marble window sills are generally rectangular or trapezoidal to the outside, three sides are equipped with glass, the height of the window sill is lower than the average window.

Effect of Window Sill

This design not only facilitates large-area glass lighting but also retains a spacious window sill, which allows the indoor space to be visually extended, giving people a broader view and giving life a romantic and warm color. There are marble window sills that not only increase the lighting and ventilation of the house but also adds architectural style to the façade of the house.

When the marble and the window sill are combined, especially the white or gray marble gives a very pleasant mood, let us appreciate this design, please check the image below. The unique texture of white marble adds a sense of dreaminess to this white-based space, making it feel very comfortable.
white marble windows sills

Problems of Window Sill

First of all, the window will have problems in the following situations:

1. Sun exposure, because of the position of the window, the bay window is faded by the sun.

2. Rain, if you don’t close the window, this is an accident, but you can avoid it if you pay attention.

beige marble windows sills

Secondly, the Window Sills is inconvenient to reload as a hard-loaded late. The Window Sills is a design that is placed during hardware. If it is damaged, it will be difficult to rebuild it. It can only wait for the next time to renovate the house. Therefore, the material of the window sill, durability is very important! No one wants to live for a few years and the window is broken, and then the elegant atmosphere is destroyed!

The advantages of marble as window sills material: The marble is strong, durable and has a long service life. Also, the natural texture gives it a unique decorative effect; it is not afraid of the sun, and occasionally it rains a little rain. It doesn’t matter; the moisture resistance is good.

Therefore, we recommend using marble to make the window sills. You will get a satisfactory window sill and beautiful decoration space.

light emperador windows sills