About G681 Granite You Need to Know

G681 Granite, shrimp Red Granite, is a natural granite from China, known worldwide.
It is light pink granite, with uniform granular. The surface and color are uniform, good for the big area used.

There are two quarries popular in Fujian Province, China. Xiaoguangshan G681 and Zhangpu G681. The oldest quarry is Shijing G681, the pinkest and most elegant, which still has blocks but quantity small.

Let me introduce the two quarries for your reference.
1.Xiaoguangshan G681,
a.The mining of this mine is permitted by the government, and the supply of materials is stable.
b.The color of this material will be a little lighter than others, has fewer chromatic aberration from different quarry.

2.Zhangpu G681,
a.This mine be stop by government, but there are large quantity blocks in stock. The supply is not a problem.
b.The color of this quarry will be more pink, its color from different quarry have more different. The most pink one is from Renshou Quarry.

What We Can Do for You?

This stone is full of treasures, large to big slabs, small to small sizes all can be used.

1.Big slabs and Half slabs, for wholesale and retailer.

2.Kitchen tops and Vanity tops, can do as your size or drawings.

3.Column, simple type and Roman column are welcome.

4.Ball, have regular size in stock.

5.Gate post and railing, can do as your size or drawings.

6.Carved stone, popular for villa or castle.

7.Hollow lamp, it is popular these years, beautiful and artistic.

8.It also can be do as cube stone, ice crack stone and so on.

Project reference.

Here are some villa project for your reference.
Stone is the most durable to the baptism of time. Many classic buildings are made of stone.
It can be luxury like castle, and it also can be simple atmosphere.

Detail Specifications

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