About Iceberg Blue Quartzite You Need to Know

Iceberg Blue Quartzite also named Calcite Azul Extra and Calcite Blue Extra Marble. It is a natural crystalline stone with a clear blue base color accented by white and darker textures.

Due to its good hardness and backlit feature, this quartzite is ideal for wall & floor tile, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, coffee table and living room background wall, etc.

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Iceberg Blue Quartzite Slab For Wholesaler

Iceberg Blue Quartzite is famous for as an elegant and eye-catching stone. This natural calcite is a large-sized.

The normal slab size is at (2400-3200)mm x (1200-2100)mm. Good in polished & honed surface with 18mm, 20mm and 30mm thickness.

Customized thickness is also available at your project requirements.

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Iceberg Blue Quartzite for Background Wall & Cut-to-size

Thanks to its beautiful continuous veins and textures, these slabs are all in book-matching polished.

Thus it’s perfect to apply to floor tile, background wall, and panel.

And the backlit characteristic will definitely be impressive for your house and project.

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Iceberg Blue Quartzite Table

This stone not only has stunning style but the hardness is also great than the normal marble.

Besides, it has a low to moderate absorption rate. Thus it’s also good to apply as table and top.

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Detail Specifications of Iceberg Blue Quartzite

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