Stonewood Granite You Need To Know

Stonewood Granite is quarried from Brazil, which with a stunning appearance combined with browns, yellows, golds, and creams.

The Stonewood Granite has variations in veinings as well, some floated with the diagonal veinings and others with the circle pattern, amazing us for its natural and incredible looking, which is very popular for luxury interiors decoration, such as for floors, walls, background decoration, etc.

It also has great hardness and durability, highly appreciated in kitchen countertops, backsplash, bathroom vanities, etc.

We have many 18mm slabs and blocks in stock for wholesale or project inquiry, can cut the 20mm, 30mm thickness slabs based on the quantity and specific requirements, and it is also workable to do with honed, leathered, acid-wash finish, and other unique surface finish as your demands.

Stonewood Granite Slabs Leathered Finish

The Stonewood Granite Slab is also popular to be processed in leathered surface finish, which is classic and elegant for interior decoration.

It can protect the surface from the dirt of oil, vinegar, and others after do with the leathered finish, making it more durable for kitchens.

Stonewood Granite Processing

It is normal with the cracks for the natural stone like the marble, granite, and quartzite, and so does the Stonewood Granite.

We will wrap the blocks with specific stone glues firstly, then fulfill the natural cracks with the epoxy resin for the slabs, which will not have the touch feeling after that, to ensure the quality for customers.

Detail Specifications of Stonewood Granite

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