White Limestone Tile

White Limestone Tile is a good option for interior&exterior wall cladding. It is quarried from Turkey, which is highly appreciated for face split, grooved, polished and other surface finishing, We have many White Limestone block&slabs in stocked, with 18mm,20mm, 30mm, 50mm, the customized sizes are available. About more White Limestone project, please click here.

White Limestone Application

1. Tiles

We usually cut 12”x12”(305x305mm), 12”x24”(305x610mm), 18”x18”(457x457mm), 24”x24”(610x610mm), 3/4”  thickness, polished surface, and customized sizes are available.

2. Slabs

Big slabs 2400UP x 1200UP, with the thickness of  18mm, 20mm, 30mm, 50mm, etc.

3. Kitchen Countertops

96”/108”x26”/36”, etc. or as the customers’ request.

4. Vanity Tops

25”/31”/37”/43”/49”/61 ”X22”, etc. or as the customers’ request.

Step to Step How to Make 60cmx30cm Split Surface Limestone Tiles

Step 1

Select good quality limestone raw blocks for production

step 1 select limestone blocks

Step 2

Cut limestone blocks into 5cm thick slabs

step 2 cut 5cm thick slabs

Step 3

Cut limestone slabs into tile size 30x60x5cm

step 3 cut to sizes

Step 4

Make natural split surface by our skilled craftsman

step 5 Erase the scars and scratches

Step 5

Erase the scars and scratches on the split surface by high pressure water clearner

step 5 Erase the scars and scratches

Step 6

Carefully clear the dust and dirt for every single piece tile

step 6 clear the dust and dirt

Step 7

Dry lay the limestone tiles and inspect quality for every piece

step 7 Dry lay and inspect quality

Step 8

After tiles are dry enough, we will do waterproof for the surface

step 8 waterproof for the surface

Step 9

Packed by strong fumigated wooden crate and with foam sheet protection between tiles

step 9 Packed

After watching this video, we hope you may understand why natural split surface limestone tile is expensive:

Material cost is high

We should use at least 5cm thick limestone slabs for production instead of normal 2cm thick tiles. And if you need bigger size tile, we should thicker slabs 7cm ~ 10cm for production, which will make cost higher.

Labor cost is high

One small tile will take around 20~25 minutes to make split surface, and after that, we will need to erase the scars and scratches by high pressure water cleaner for at least 3 times, and then every piece tile should be cleaned carefully again, and finally do waterproof and packing

Limra Limestone Tiles for Project

Limra White Limestone has a uniform and warm base color, and this makes it perfect to be used for big areas, indoor and outdoor wall claddings.

It is from Turkey quarry, which is one of the most popular white limestones in the world. The surface is usually polished and honed, the polished finish gives a classic look, and the honed surface looks more white and elegant. It can also be processed into the natural split, sandblasted, bush-hammered, grooved surface finished, which creates different spaces for us.

It is highly appreciated for commercial&residential projects, with the popular size of 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 24”x24”, 18”x18”, 18”x36”, the customized sizes are available. And it is workable to be processed into columns, stub stone and other unique designs.

Stocked in 1.8cm slabs, the 2.0cm, 2.3cm, 2.8cm, 3cm, 5cm thickness are available as per your requirements.

Portugal Limestone Tiles for Wall

Portugal Beige Limestone Slab is quarried from Portugal, which is highly appreciated in commercial&residential projects.

It has a light beige color with some brown dots distributed on the surface. With fine and elegant texture, as well as the low water absorption that is not easy to be damaged and polluted. Suitable for all kinds of large and medium scaled exterior wall decoration&interior decorations, which is an elegant and great building material.

Inventory slabs are 1.6cm, 1.8cm, and 2.3cm thickness, and it is popular with polished, honed, natural-split, bush-hammered, sandblasted surface finish.

Welcome to contact us if any needs or project inquiries!

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