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Origin from Italy, this travertine is also called Super White Travertine, Ultra White Travertine, Light Travertine. This is the lightest travertine in the world.

From the texture pictures, we can see this stone background colour is white and light yellow (beige), and with some very light yellow or brown veins on the surface.

Polished is the stone standard surface finishing, honed and leather processing are also available. For other surfaces finishing, please contact us freely, we can have a test to check it is available or not for you.

This stone can be used for wall and floor tiles, mosaic tiles, tabletops, countertops (benchtops), vanity tops, etc.

Every Thing You Need to Know – White Travertine

Leather Finishing Slabs

The super white travertine slabs with leather finishing are very distinctive, the holes become outstanding, it is very nice for bathroom decoration and tabletops. The feeling should be very comfortable for touching.

Different Veins Styles of White Travertine Slabs

For the polished or honed slabs, we have two kinds of vein styles of surface appearance.

The first one is the straight vein. The straight vein doesn’t mean all veins are very straight, but the overall direction of the texture is straight. For the straight vein style, the holes will be more obvious, it is more popular in the market and widely applied in hotel, condo, villa, etc.

Another one is the crossvein. The quantity of this one is less, but if your quantity is considerable, we can cut them for you, it is also workable. For this kind of white travertine, the holes are not obvious, smaller and fewer holes.

The inventory slabs are 1.5cm, 1.8cm, and 2.0cm thickness, customized thicknesses are also available.

Project Case

This stone is very nice for wall and floor decoration, the building becomes very gorgeous with its decoration, in the pictures, it is straight veins style. Usually, the building with the light material decoration looks brighter and bigger than actual.

For exterior applications, waterproof processing is necessary, and the chemical should be professional for the white stone.

And for the exterior wall tiles installation, there are some different methods, for more information about it, please check our blog.

The thickness of wall tiles should be 25mm or more, and usually, it is a rectangle shape, sizes are 600x300mm, 900x600mm, 1200x600mm, etc, the size is better not to be very big because it is about 67.5 KG for 1 square meter for 25mm thick.

Detail Specifications of White Travertine

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