We completed a high-end luxury project, the main material of this project is a very luxurious natural stone – Sodalite Blue Granite.

Sodalite is a rare mineral best known for its blue to blue-violet color. High quality sodalite can be used as a gemstone, sculptural material, and architectural stone. Sodalite Blue is originally from Brazil. It is one of the most luxurious architectural stones in the world, with dark blue base color, some white veins spray on the surface.

This job of sodalite blue was taken around one month.
Let’s share the experience of this project.


How About the Project

This project is located in Jakarta, which is the head office of Astra Group, one of the biggest groups in Indonesia. The total value of this office building is more than 500 million US dollars. The client hoped the stone for lobby elevation is luxurious and upscale, so the architect decided to apply with Sodalite Blue, one of the world’s most expensive stones. In addition, Sodalite Blue was also used on counter in the lobby.

Production Process of Sodalite Blue

Before the client started to work with us on it, they looked around the world for the block of sodalite blue stone, but the color and texture were all not accepted. When the client came to us, saw the block we proposed, they were so excited since it is just what they wanted.
Sodalite Blue Stone Blocks

1. Cutting and Polishing

We spent 2 weeks on the slab procession, cutting, epoxy, polishing etc.

Sodalite Blue Stone Slabs

2. Design

When the slabs were ready, we collected the size and photo information of each slab. We cooperated with client and architect on the cutting plan and mark each slab with tape. In the picture of the cutting plan, you will see that each piece has a unique number, and each number corresponds to the size and position information.

layout plan

layout plan of one pcs slab

the line plan in slab

plan for slab

3. Aluminum Composite Panel & Cut to Size

Why Choose the aluminum composite panel for projects?

Stone Tiles Aluminum Composite Panel is more and more popular in architecture application, which is lightweight and durable. Marble aluminum composite panels are well known for features such as excellent fireproof properties, sound insulation, strength & durability, surface flatness and smoothness.

cutting to size

Sodalite Blue Granite Tile Texture

Sodalite Blue Tiles with Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Panel with Granite

4. Stone Dry-lay

When we did dry lay, we match the colors, patterns, veins, and with help of drone camera we got full view of the dry lay to know how the stone will looks when apply on elevation

lable of tile

Sodalite Blue Stone tile layout

5. Countertop

countertop layout

countertop drawing

Sample of 45 degree corner chamfer

6.How to Pack

Our packaging is the safest standard so that there is no slippage or other damage to the stone during air transport. If you need more packaging info, please refer to another article.

ready for packing

packing detail

All tiles in carton



Customer Review

We are happy and appreciate the high comments from the client. We will keep improving ourselves and try to serve more and more clients all over the world with our high-quality products & attentive services.

We fully understood that only customer’s success can make us keep growing!!!

Sodalite Blue Stone Tiles in Wall

installed wall

from lobby view

stone tiles in the wall