Fulei Stone & Nanhui Stone in 2019 Xiamen Stone Fair

2019 China Xiamen International Stone Fair will be held at Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center. We will attend the great stone fair this year and welcome to our booth. Our main marble stone includes the super white, lais grey, azul infinito, snow black etc.

Booth No.: C3015
Date: 6-9th, March
Xiamen Stone Fair stone products


Xiamen Stone Fair marble color

After 19 years of development, Xiamen International Stone Fair, which focuses on the global stone import and export trade, is looking for new breakthroughs and growth in a transformational and upgrading posture that is different from the past. We are not stone porters, we are the leader in the stone lifestyle.

What discovery and forward-looking changes have this year’s fair?

Higher Internationalization

This year’s international exhibition area has 500+ brands from 53 countries and regions gathered together, and the quality and quantity of exhibitors have doubled. The 11 major national pavilions will once again gather top brands to cross the ocean and show them to everyone.


“Stone Kingdom” Italy, product quality and stone mining processing equipment is world-class. This year, the Italian pavilion’s Antolini, Sardegna, Grassi, Basaltina and other high-quality companies will interpret the “Made in Italy” classic for visitors.

Statuario Marble in Fair


Turkey’s Izmir has 45% of the world’s natural stone reserves. Marble resources are rich and varied, with more than 120 colors and more than 80 types of marble, attracting a lot of light in the global market. This year, the Turkish pavilion continued to lead 76 high-quality companies such as Suayp, YUCE, ECE MERMER, 2E, ADALYA, AKDAG and ALFA to debut in B2.


The beautiful Taj Mahal, the Ka Dian, the Elephant Cave, and the Upper Temple are the witnesses of the Indian stone source. Today India is a pioneer in the world’s stone industry, known for its strength, and its quality has reached the highest standards in the world. This year, 35 Indian companies such as POKARNA, RSG, GEM, Rashi and PREM MARBLES will appear in Xiamen with their unique Indian symbols.

marble sink in fair

At the same time, Brazil, France, Greece, Egypt, Portugal, Spain, Iran, Pakistan, and other national pavilions will also bring together boutiques and new products. In addition to the pavilion, high-quality brand companies in Norway, Germany, Finland, and other countries will also be unveiled. At the same time, Ethiopia, Sudan, Namibia, Mozambique, and other countries have joined, and the region has extended to South Africa, North America, and the Middle East.

More visitors

Xiamen International Stone Exhibition Media Partners cover nearly 40 professional platforms in more than 20 countries around the world and invites audiences around the world.

Up to now, overseas pre-registered viewers have increased by 9.6% year-on-year, and it is expected that the number of live audiences will reach the highest in history. Up to now, overseas purchasing groups of more than 30 countries including Switzerland, Germany, Palestine, Australia, Poland, Iran, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, the United States, Russia, Belgium, France, Poland, India, and Thailand have confirmed Will be on hand.

Good Stone, Good Design

Good stone, good design. The material is the basis of design, the designer connects the elements together, giving the space more temperament and taste. This year, Xiamen International Stone Fair will not only focus on the core of stone quality but also focus on consolidating the innovation of the industry and continue to provide excellent products and designs to users around the world.

China in Fair

Exhibitors in China’s stone exhibition area accounted for more than 1/3. From Inner Mongolia, which produces Fengzhen Black, to Hainan Province, which produces Yazhou Red; from Liaoning, which produces Dandong Green, to Xinjiang, which produces Tianshanlan, and Tibet, which produces white marble, it gathers in Xiamen in March.

Luxury Stone in Fair

Compared with the world stone industry, the Chinese stone industry started late, but it is not inferior. Focus on quality, focus on design, and focus on the direction of innovation. Exhibitors will select high-quality stone varieties, from architectural design, landscape design to interior design, from overall layout to detail products, creating a great visual experience for visitors.

World Stone Congress

In 2009, the World Stone Congress was founded, focusing on the current hot spot and serving the whole industry in depth. In 2019, it was a new departure for the second decade of the World Stone Congress, but it has become more powerful.

This year’s World Stone Congress brought together 56 speakers and brought nearly 50 forum lectures. A large number of pioneers from the world’s top architectural design masters, industry authoritative experts, industry leaders, and mainstream media talked to Xiamen, focusing on current hotspots and future trends, interpreting trend design and sharing cutting-edge technology.

New Service Experience

In order to provide better services to exhibitors, the pre-registration platform for visitors, the list of exhibitors, the invitation letter of WeChat, the electronic journal, the guide to eating and living, the intellectual property consultation. The Xiamen International Stone Fair that you care about is ready.

Xiamen Stone Fair Map

Pre-registration of visitors provides easy access to priority. After registration, a pre-registered QR code will be generated, and the on-site self-service witness will quickly identify and print, which will help the audience to easily browse the exhibition. More info about the fair service, pls via the fair website.