Patagonia Granite You need to know

Patagonia Granite is quarried from Brazil, also known as Patagonia Quartzite. Based on a creamy white background, combined with yellow, grey, and black crystals, which is really dramatic and gorgeous for any project.

The Patagonia Granite has a large crystal of feldspar, quartz, and biotite, which with great hardness and duration, ideally used for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, island tops, tabletops, bar tops, and backsplashes.

It can perform well in the backlit effect as its translucent texture, the crystals become more shinner under the light, creating a stunning landscape for your home.

We have more than 3000sqm slabs and 1000 tons blocks in stock, and the new blocks are arriving every month. Please feel free to contact us for any demand.

Video and scan photos of our live inventory Patagonia slabs

Instock Slabs – Patagonia Granite – Bookmatched – 268.415m²268.415m², 45pcs

Patagonia Granite Slabs

The Patagonia Granite Slab is known as a luxury and stunning natural stone. The normal slab size is at (2400-3100)mm*(1200-2000)x18mm, the 2cm/3cm are available as your requirement.

Popular with polished&honed surface finish, the unique surface finish is available as your requirement.

And because the unique structure of crystals can cause voids of the Patagonia Granite, normally we will fulfill the natural voids and cracks with epoxy resin during the polishing processing.

Patagonia Granite Countertops

The Patagonia Granite is widely used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, bar tops, island tops, tabletops as its greater hardness and duration, we can cut countertops as your customized sizes and drawings.

Other Application

This material is also highly appreciated in floor&wall decoration, backlit TV background, columns, portals, which is standing out for any house design.

Instock Slabs Available

High resolution scanned photos for every piece slab in stock are available here, welcome to check!

Instock Slabs – Patagonia Granite – Bookmatched – 310.688m²310.688m², 54pcs

Detail Specifications of Patagonia Granite

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